Kingdoms Online is officially launched and available!

Amman – Jordan

Play 3arabi has officially launched its latest and biggest yet titles: Kingdoms Online! The game takes the players to a beautiful area of Arabian kings where they build and develop an expanding kingdom, conquer new lands, wage epic wars, and rule the world with their alliances.

Joseph Shomali, CEO at Play 3arabi, commented that “we’ve been testing the game for over a month, and we are excited about how much the players like it: Ratings are high, engagement is great, and players are enjoying the game very much although we admit it is quite a challenging game!”.

Kingdoms Online is quite a major change for Play 3arabi as it marks the company’s move into more hardcore and more serious games. This comes inline with new investments received, a bigger team, and massive plans for the future.

You may play the game on iOS or Android at the following link: