About Play 3arabi

Play 3arabi is a mobile games publisher focused on Arabic. Our mission is to bring high quality games to more than 300 million Arabic speakers.

Play 3arabi keeps an eye out for great games from all over the world. We are here to help you bring your games to a rapidly growing market.

Top grossing

Our focus is not only to get your game to as many people as possible, but to make it reach as high as possible in the grossing ranks!

Get in touch now and we are happy to share some references with you.

How we can help you

Play 3arabi can help you scale your game to Arabic through the following:

  • Marketing: We work with a large network of advertisers and influencers to get the right audiences for your game
  • Product: We employ experienced and passionate product managers to help prepare the game better for the region
  • Localization: We employ professional translators and editors to help you localize your game to Arabic
  • Culturalization: Language is not enough to grab attention, we go the extra mile and help you make your game more suitable for the region
  • Customer Support: A great game needs great customer support. Don’t worry you cover that!
  • Game Operations: Great games engage player inside the game and outside it, and Play 3arabi does exactly that

So if you have a great game, what are you waiting for? Submit your game through this form and let’s get in touch!